Bishwas Bhandari
Hey, Geeks!

I am Bishwas.

A Full-Stack Web developer doing Django Python, Svelte/Kit, Ruby on Rails, React.js & Next JS. I love to develop things, I'd rather say I am addicted to development and coding.



I'm a software engineer with 5 years of experience. I design and develop fast, reliable and readable applications for global businesses. I have strong technical, communication and product management skills. I love mentoring, tutoring and contributing to open-source projects.

Why I Exist?

My purpose is to serve humans via shaping innovative web solutions. As a full-stack developer, I fuse technology with positive change, crafting impactful digital experiences that weave into the fabric of human existence.

Am I really educated?

I have been studying Bachelor of Computer Applications at Manipal University Jaipur. And my high school was at Kathmandu Bernhardt College with Science as major (with Computer Science and Mathematics). If that's what you define as "educated", then yes I am.

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